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GSB-Q6 Series Horizontal High-speed Centrifugal Pumps
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GSB-Q6 Series Horizontal High-speed Centrifugal Pumps
Structure type: Single-stage Single-suction Open-type Straight Blade Horizontal High-speed Centrifugal Pumps
Manufacturing Standard: API 610

  • Flow Range: 12 m³/h ~ 200 m³/h
  • Head Range: 600 m ~ 2350 m
  • Motor Power: 160 kW ~900 kW
  • Operating Temperature: -130℃~260℃
  • Velocity Range: 20900 rpm ~ 23500 rpm

Model Description:

GSB - Q6 - Flow / Head

1. GSB: High-speed Pumps
2. Q6: Forced lubrication (open-type impeller, super-high power gearbox, applied to high head working conditions)
3. Flow: Design point flow (m³/h)
4. Head : Design point head (m)
Applications: Petroleum, petrochemical, refining, pharmaceutical, metallurgy, paper-making, electric power, foods, light industry, etc.
Pumped medium: Various liquid media, such as acids, alkalies, salts, alcohols, benzenes, alkanes, medicines, waters, etc.

Features: The speed-increasing gearbox of GSB-Q6 Series Forced Lubrication High-speed Centrifugal Pumps uses parallel horizontally-split structure and one-stage straight-tooth speed increase. Its high-speed shaft is supported by the sliding bearing. The high precision gear guarantees the stable running of the high-speed pumps. A thrust bearing is arranged at the rear end of the high-speed shaft to balance the axial force caused by the high-speed shaft. The pumps use the open-type impeller structure, with high head coefficient and stable performance parameters. The lubrication type is to use the external gear oil pump to forcedly lubricate the gear and the bearing with the pressure oil, thus guaranteeing its stability, low noise and low vibration when the pump runs at high speed. The perfect oil circuit monitoring system can guarantee the pump’s long-term stable, safe, reliable operation.

Key words :API-610,Sundyne, Integrally geared pump, high-speed pump

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